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The Inner Light: An In-Person Solstice Workshop

The Inner Light: An In-Person Solstice Workshop

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Recently, the sensation of being bodies in space together caused my sister/collaborator Laura Friedmann and I to look at each other and say “we need more of this!”

We're thrilled to be hosting The Inner Light, a one-time, in-person workshop held in downtown Toronto.

As the physical light is diminished, we’ll kindle our inner light through breathwork, moving our bodies and reflecting together through painting and writing in community. It’ll be juicy.

For most of us, the world we’re in benefits from our disconnection to our bodies, so there is very little space to explore this integration or the coherence that might come from that interplay. So we talk about work/life balance like these are two separate things that can be isolated and balanced on a scale. Everything remains compartmentalized: Over here I am a parent, over there I do healthy-body-movement-things, over here I am a creative person, over there I am a responsible task-completion person. But the body is with us throughout and we can’t escape it.

And what if, rather than that being a nuisance, something to control and dominate, it’s an opening? An invitation? In Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer describes how the land doesn’t just want us to love it, it actually yearns to love us back, for a real reciprocity. What if this is also true of our bodies? That they also long to be with us on the journey?

Trusting this body I’m in as a site of knowledge yields fruit. When we sit in our bodies and allow, we unlock things at a psycho-somatic level, which allows us to move through blocks, to access more authentic versions of ourselves and this gives permission for new mind body connections and neural pathways to develop. We may even embody and step into versions of ourselves we’ve been dreaming of.

A partnership begins to emerge between my body and mind, and alongside so many beautiful thinkers and scholars doing similar work, I’m excited to keep learning.

Laura Friedmann is a long time colleague and sister, a fellow mama, powerful filmmaker and embodied creator. She is training in the Art and Neuroscience of Trauma Informed Leadership with Dr. Nima Rahmany, creator of the Overview Method for healing attachment trauma. See more of her work here or here.

Building on our combined work with group facilitation, creative process, and embodied healing, we’re thrilled to finally offer a workshop we’ve been dreaming up for several months: one that invites us all to connect our bodies and the vitality of creative practice. 

This offering is for you, if you’re:

  • Feeling like life is all work and no play
  • Feeling like moving your body!
  • Feeling called to have more creative space in your life
  • Struggling to hear the voice of clarity in yourself
  • Looking for ways to create in community
  • Feeling stuck or at a transitional point
  • Needing a warm and nurturing space to escape the daily grind and deeply reflect

Spaces are limited so sign up now if you’re interested and feel free to share with others. 


Tuesday December 20th, 2022


Location will be shared upon registration.

Wear comfortable clothes to move in and if you have a yoga or exercise mat and journal to write in, please bring these.

Each participant will receive a special reflection booklet for the event.


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