"She is With Me" Wall Art

"She is With Me" Wall Art

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"Her small hands and big wounded heart.
Her longing, her frailty, her childlike sense of wonder never leave me.
She rides through all the seasons of my life.
Some days as a passenger, others at the wheel.
We fight too.
About the impracticality of her wishes,
the depths of her needs,
her insatiable desire for beauty, truth and freedom.
But often, you’ll see us walking through life like this, only one of us visible.
I work at kindness towards her, towards myself.
Because of course we are one and the same, little one.
She has become me.
As I hold her gently, cracks in my heart become windows and vistas.
And through these vistas, I start to see many more of us on this path."


Museum-quality poster made on long-lasting matte (uncoated) archival paper. This poster paper is more yellowish (off white) as no optical brighteners are used during production

- Paper-weight: 250 gsm / 110 lb

- Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the poster

Printed and shipped on demand.