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In The Flow: A Summer Writing Refuge CLOSED

In The Flow: A Summer Writing Refuge CLOSED

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Thank you for your interest! This group is full for this session. Please sign up for the newsletter to learn more about upcoming offerings!

Writing is like a river. When it flows, it’s life-giving and enriching but so many things can obstruct that flow: our doubts, other peoples’ fears and comments, our own responsibilities, the challenge of taking time to be with our writing, the fear that our ideas are no good, lack of community and structure, or that feeling that it’s only worth doing if it will be published, all of these and more!

But summer has many gifts for us. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is a time of abundance, of fullness and ripeness. It’s a time of bringing the unseen into the visible world. Of threading all that’s been brewing internally out, and out, and then letting it go to see where it takes you. There’s a languid “anything goes” energy to summer. Summer is biking one-handed down a tree-lined path at 8pm with a popsicle in your hand after a day at the beach. That feeling of ‘what time is it anyway?’ Of having our bodies be seen in the heat, as we are, no more layers, no more hiding. Can we let the words flow from here? Pyjamas on grass, pens in hand. Let’s be in the flow!

This is a great space if you…

  • Have a writing project you’re either in the swing of, or want to get going on
  • Are working on fiction, nonfiction, a screenplay, children's fiction or media content, academic work or songwriting
  • Feel drawn to writing but aren’t sure where to start
  • Are longing for more rhythm and structure around your writing time
  • Want dedicated communal writing time with others
  • Are eager to connect in community around writing

This online space will provide you with:

  • Five consecutive weeks of dedicated time to write together in a group
  • Juicy prompts to get your pen moving and the ideas firing
  • Reflection, writing and discussion around habits, challenges and what motivates our writing
  • Space to workshop 500-1000 word pieces with a supportive community
  • A structured weekly rhythm to support your writing
  • One 30-minute 1:1 session to dive deeper into your work with me

Live Online Sessions:

  • Sunday July 17th: 8:00-9:30pm EST
  • Sunday July 24th: 8:00-9:30pm EST
  • Sunday July 31st: 8:00-9:30pm EST
  • Sunday August 7th: 8:00-9:30pm EST
  • Sunday August 14th: 8:00-9:30pm EST


This is offered on a sliding scale to allow for accessibility. The scale below is intended to be a map, inviting each of us to consider our financial resources and look at our levels of privilege. It is a way to challenge the limitations of the capitalist society we live in and work towards economic justice. While you take these factors into consideration, please don’t stress about it. Pay what feels right.

Accessible Tier: 200$ (consider paying this if you are a student, are supporting children or other dependents, have significant debts, unstable housing or receive government assistance) *If this feels out of reach, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Regular Tier: 400$ (consider paying this if you have stable employment, are meeting your basic needs, own the home you live in, have access to some savings and/or family support and spend little time worrying about basic needs)

What People are Saying:

“I LOVED all the exercises we did! Feeling refreshed and more excited to move ahead.” -Elaheh Bos

“It gave me a space for myself, to connect within, to connect to the different parts of me, to recognize my capacity for creating. I learned to set simple goals for daily practice, to be open to even the most minute moments of inspiration.” -Alina Jadurroy

“The revelation, during the breakout—how hard it is to feel like I inconvenience others to do my creative work—is something I can wrangle with immediately.” -Lorna Tureski

“Esther always brings her experience, wisdom, open heart, and listening ears. She deeply values the principle of learning in community.” -Kyle Schmalenberg

“Esther is a visionary and an inspirational educator.” -Liam Moore

"This was a transformative experience for me. Esther held space for us to process and reflect together, to explore our creativity, our blocks, and what is beckoning us forward." -Hayley Miloff



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