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Carmel Futures

1:1 Coaching & Consulting

1:1 Coaching & Consulting

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Discovery Call
Full Hour Session
  • Are you feeling called to nurture your creative self and needing support? 
  • Are you needing a second pair of eyes on a piece of writing or a body of work you're developing?
  • Do you have ideas and visions you’re needing to bring into reality through creative expression but feel stuck, burned out or overwhelmed by the path ahead? 
  • Are you working creatively for others but needing to reconnect to your own work and calling? 
  • Are you longing to rekindle that spirit of play you had as a child but grown up responsibilities makes that seem impossible? 
  • Are you burned out, grieving or at a turning point and craving structure around the changing aspects of your creative process?
  • Are you needing support in structuring your time, setting goals and meeting them with regards to a creative endeavour?
  • Are you needing a space for reflection related to a creative project?
  • Are you needing a stronger sense of community and companionship as you face the challenges of engaging with a particular project or with the creative process as a whole?

I love accompanying people through the creative process. My own journey as a creative over the last two decades has benefited immensely from coaching, connection and community. Each person’s path is unique, with its own gifts and challenges, and exploring our inner creative life is so courageous. Our current cultural context impacts us deeply: it is highly individualistic, fame-focused, outcome-oriented and materialistic. We are also living through a time when more voices with a diversity of stories and experiences are needed, in order for us to read the fullness of our reality with greater accuracy. Essentially, your creative work is a crucial piece of building a more just and peaceful world. As a result, we need to actively build and seek community and support. By taking small, regular steps together, we are engaging in something that can be radical and profoundly transformative, both for ourselves and our society. But first we have to listen deeply.

You may be running around offering your talents as a creative person in your community or for payment in our field, but beneath that, there’s this voice beckoning you to stop and listen. In my experience, without being intentional about it, it’s almost impossible to make space to hear it. Also, the voice can often be downright annoying, weird and inconvenient. We hope it’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed, that it’ll just have some snappy project idea but instead it leans against the door frame in its ratty old cardigan and says: “Dude. I’m bone tired. Can you just stop a minute?” Or it says: “Listen, I’m gonna be real with you. I got hurt the last time we made stuff, can you hold me while I cry now?” Messy and inconvenient. But this voice is the river bed beneath those flowing waters, it holds all the real goods and listening to it deeply often reveals the next step.

As we begin to listen, the fruits of that developing trust in ourselves, the creative process and the Divine/Forces larger than us are felt in many other aspects of life. So, it’s not really ‘adding one more thing’, but it becomes the very ground for all the things. It is our very inner lives, the rules we’ve sometimes unconsciously adopted, the things a parent or art teacher or critic said years ago, the griefs we are moving through, the weight of the tasks of parenting and earning...all of it, that we seek to master.

My practice as a coach, educator, story editor and creative is rooted in the belief that our creative life is inseparable from our spiritual life. If one is our core essence, the other is its expression. Creative practice is part of nature, it is cyclical and informed by our circumstances at any given time, our environment, talents and curiosities, our habits and free will. Creative practice and the ideas and projects that emerge come about through the faculty of our imagination, through naming our fears and then moving through them with bold and courageous action and then refining our practice of reflection and celebrating the steps we’ve taken.

Coaching sessions are co-created and in consultation with one another, we’ll set the goals for what you’d like to achieve over a few sessions.

I look forward to supporting you and the important work you’re releasing into the world.

Click here to book a free online 15 minute discovery call with me to connect!


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